Industrial Vacuum Service in Tampa, FL

Orange Industrial is a leading industrial vacuum service provider in Tampa, FL. Founded in 1982, we provide a complete range of safe, reliable, and cost-effective industrial services, including industrial cleaning, hydro blasting, and hydro-excavating for customers throughout Central Florida, including Bartow, Davenport, Haines City, and Orlando.

State-of-the-Art Industrial Vacuum Equipment

Our fleet of state-of-the-art industrial vacuum equipment, including the Vactor 2100 and Guzzler CL/NX, provides our clients with safe, effective, and reliable on-site clean-up of various materials such as solids, powders, and sludge with maximum productivity for storm clean-up, industrial waste removal, or industrial cleaning. A hydraulic lift lifts the debris box at the site for dumping at another location.

Industrial Cleaning

Factories, warehouses, power plants, and other industrial facilities need regular industrial cleaning to remove hazardous and other materials from facilities, equipment, and sewer pipes. Our specialized equipment like our industrial vacuums combined with our skills and field experience allows our team to safely and efficiently remove solid and liquified materials at any site, even in remote locations. With more than 35 years of experience, we are among the most experienced industrial cleaning service providers in the Orlando, Tampa, and Central Florida areas.

Hydro Blasting and Cleaning

Our hydro-blasting and cleaning equipment can be positioned anywhere in Central Florida. Using high pressure of up to 40,000 PSI that dispenses water at a rate of up to 275 gallons per minute, it safely removes ground-in stains, deposits, or and substances from heavy industrial equipment such as tractors, excavators, and bulldozers. Our industrial cleaning equipment is mobilized at your location for fast and cost-effective cleaning while minimizing downtime.

Hydro Excavating

Our hydro excavation is a soft dig process that uses pressurized water with an industrial vacuum to safely excavate soil for potholing, underground utilities and pipelines, sign and pole installation, and other excavation needs in areas that are unsuitable for traditional equipment. We collect the excavated material in a debris box for dumping at another location.Visit our website or contact us at 863-519-0831 to learn more about the Industrial Vacuum service, and other Industrial Cleaning services, we offer in the Tampa, FL area.