How To Get Better Pay, More Hours, and Excellent Benefits Without Having To Get More Training or Experience.



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How To Earn a Better Career Opportunity, Competitive Pay, More Hours and Excellent Benefits…

Have the best possible career! If you have a CDL License and are looking for a new career challenge or are just starting out, we have multiple opportunities for you.

We don’t hold back from sharing all the details on how!

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Hydroblasting (up to 40K PSI)

Have troublesome scale, deposits, stains or other accumulations, debris or residues on your industrial equipment? Orange Industrial provides the latest advancements in hydro-blasting equipment, capable of producing pressures between 5,000 to 40,000 PSI at a rate of 8-275 gpm. With our abundant inventory of nozzles, fittings and hoses available in our warehouse at all times, no job is too difficult!

Industrial Vacuum

Do you have solids, dry bulk powders, slurry and / or thick sludge that needs to be cleaned up? No worries! We have units that allow effective operation in even the most remote or inaccessible locations. In order to maximize productivity and efficiency we use cutting edge vacuum units.

Commercial Sewer Cleaning

Worried about sewer back up? Or have a clogged drain? Maintaining the inside of the pipes can be critical to the smooth operation of your business. Let Orange Industrial help keep the water flowing freely so you can be confident there will not be any unexpected back-ups. Our equipment can accommodate cleaning in all sizes of sanitary and storm sewers.

Hydro Excavating

Are you in need of potholing, locating utilities, pipeline excavation or any other excavation task? Hydro Excavating allows us to dig safely where traditional methods are unsuitable or crowed easements are not accessible.

Video Pipeline Inspection

We take pride in our work and put great effort into documenting everything so you see the quality of our work. We provide detailed reporting using the latest state-of-the-art software – POSM – enabling us to provide you with enhanced data-collecting and mapping capacities of our robot crawls that track and diagnose current and potential issues within sewers, storm drains, manholes, well and pipelines.

QuickLock Point Repair

Have a damaged pipe that need immediate repair? Our QuickLock technology is a strictly mechanical point repair system for the inside repair of pipe without the use of resin. The QuickLock system has significant advantages over other pipe repair systems.

Services are Provided 24/7

365 Days a Year

We offer the best line of industrial hydroblasting and cleaning processes with the skill and experience it takes to deliver them reliably, efficiently, and safely.

With our combined knowledge, advanced technology, and expert field experience, Orange Industrial has been the preferred industrial cleaning service provider in the Central Florida since 1982.

We proudly serve customers in Tampa, Orlando, Lakeland, Winter Haven and all Florida areas. We also have the capability to reach any state!

At Orange Industrial our #1 commitment is to provide safe,

on-time, quality and innovative service to all our customers.

Safety and Quality

We not only boast quality safety initiatives, we have won numerous awards to back us up. Our teams are highly trained in all aspects of the work environment including OSHA / MSHA, Hydroblasting Safety, Vacuum Truck Safety, Confined Space Entry, Lock out/tag out, and Fall Protection. We have a high emphasis on safety first in all our operations with meetings daily and prior to every job.


Because of our extensive experience services in the field, Orange Industrial has developed detailed job procedures that minimize project times and achieve greater process efficiencies for many of our customers. No job is too large, too complicated, or too unusual for our team.

Proven Reputation

Orange Industrial brings to your job site a team focused on safety that is highly trained and experienced with the most reliable equipment.

We are environmental stewards who take great pride in our developing our employees, serving our customers at the highest level, and go the extra length to be environmental conscious. Our track record of awards year and year speak to this achievement.

Your Fiduciary

We see ourselves as your fiduciary!

We are obligated to act on your behalf and act in good faith and with care, candor and loyalty in fulfilling your projects requirements. We analyze each project to determine, through our many years of experience, which technology will deliver the best results at the greatest value.

How To Earn a Better Career Opportunity, Competitive Pay, More Hours

and Excellent Benefits...

Servicing Florida's Theme Parks, Construction, Industrial and Municipal Cleaning Needs Since 1982.

Daily servicing our local customers in Bartow, Davenport, Lakeland, Orlando and Tampa. With capabilities of servicing anywhere in the United States.

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