Industrial Vacuum in Bartow, FL

Orange Industrial Services is Bartow, FL’s leading industrial vacuum service provider. Our team of highly skilled professionals provides 24/7/365 industrial cleaning services using advanced technology for hydro blasting, hydro-excavating, and other industrial services. We serve communities throughout Central Florida, including Davenport, Haynes City, Orlando, and Tampa. At Orange Industrial, we are committed to your satisfaction. No job is too large, too small, or too complicated. Just give us a call, and we will get the job done safely, accurately, and reliably.

Industrial Cleaning

Since our founding in 1982, we have provided the most efficient and reliable industrial vacuum and sewer cleaning services for municipalities, contractors, and other firms needing industrial cleaning services. Our industrial vacuum units (Guzzler CL and Guzzler NX) are solid workhorses that can remove a wide array of materials such as solids, powders, slurries, and even thick sludge for cleaning sanitary and storm sewers, clogged pipes, and drains in remote, rugged, and hard to reach areas that are inaccessible for other industrial cleaning equipment.  The vacuum collects the material in a debris box which is hydraulically lifted and unloaded at your desired location.

Hydro Blasting

Hydroblasting is an industrial-strength power wash that creates a mighty powerful water stream at 5,000 to 40,000 PSI at rates of 8 gallons per minute (GPM) to as high as 275 GPM. This high-pressure jet stream can safely and effectively remove deep ground-in stains, scaling, deposits, fungi, and other contamination that other high-pressure systems cannot remove. In addition, our hydro blasting equipment is fitted with specific nozzles and hoses to meet your industrial cleaning requirements.

Hydro Excavating

When you need to locate underground utilities or pipes, perform potholing, and do other excavation tasks, it needs to be done very carefully to avoid damage during the excavation process. We use specialized hydro excavating equipment that uses a pressurized water and vacuum system to safely perform a “soft dig” in areas that are otherwise unsuitable or inaccessible for traditional digging or excavation methods. The excavated material is contained in a debris box for dumping your desired location.

Visit our website or contact us at 863-519-0831 to learn more about the Industrial Vacuum service, and other Industrial Cleaning services, we offer in the Bartow, FL area.