Commercial Sewer Cleaning serving Lakeland, Bartow, Eagle Lake, Orlando, Winter Haven, Davenport and the Surrounding Central Florida area.

Safely and effectively Orange Industrial Services can accommodate cleaning in all sizes of sanitary and storm sewers. In order to amplify productivity and adequacy we use cutting edge vacuum units including the Vactor 2100. These units allow effective operation in even the most obscure or unreachable/elusive locations.

The Vactor Combination unit provides 2,500 PSI of water through the hose to clean the drain and sewer lines while simultaneously vacuuming the material. With many different nozzles to choose from, the pressure will break through a clogged pipe then finish cleaning the line from any unwanted debris. After material is collected in the debris box, these vacuum trucks allow us to hydraulically lift the debris box and dump the material at your desired location.

Maintaining the inside of the pipes can be critical to the smooth operation of your business. Let OIS help keep the water flowing freely so you can be confident there will not be any unexpected back-ups.