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Hydro-Blasting / Water Blasting

Hydro-Blasting / high pressure water blasting is a mechanical means of removing unwanted accumulations, debris and residues on many types of industrial equipment. It is a reliable, practical and cost effective cleaning method that uses a powerful stream of water to remove unwanted scale, deposits, stains or other contamination. Orange Industrial Services Inc. provides state-of-the-art hydro blasting equipment capable of producing pressures between 5,000 to 40,000 psi at a rate of 8-275 gpm.

We have an abundant inventory of nozzles, fittings and hoses available in our warehouse at all times and follow a strict preventive maintenance program to ensure our equipment is ready to service the customer's requirements.

NLB Waterblaster

Industrial Vacuum and Sewer Cleaning

We are familiar with a wide range of wet / dry vacuuming, hydro excavating and sewer cleaning jobs, so you know you will get reliable, prompt and expert service. We operate the newest state of the art vacuum units capable of providing both wet and dry service. With our vast inventory and experience you can be confident in receiving the most productive vacuuming and sewer cleaning service available.

Rodder Truck
Vacuum Truck

Video Pipe line inspection and documentation

From storm drains to sanitary mainlines, Orange Industrial Services Inc. offers both portable and vehicle mounted video inspection and documentation systems. We use the latest video inspection equipment to perform fast and accurate assessments, capable of inspecting pipes from 2 thru 48 inches in diameter. Documentation is provided on VHS or DVD along with audio notes and a detailed, printed report. Video pipeline inspection is a cost effective method to insure the structural integrity and condition of your pipes.

Video truck
Aries video pipeline inspection camera